SFS Academy wishes you all a very happy and prosperous 63rd Kannada Rajyotsava celebration. November 1st of each year marks the formation the rich state of Karnataka and its culture and traditions are celebrated with great pomp and vigour. A grand program was organised by the faculty of SFS Academy. Rev. Fr. Doraiswamy presided over the occasion as the honourable chief guest of the day. He proceeded to educate the students and teachers of the varied achievements of the people of Karnataka, its heritage, traditions and the strength this state holds in its unity. Our revered principal Fr. P.M Lawrence, stood as the back bone of the program encouraging us each step of the way. Varieties of cultural activities were held as students took part with full enthusiasm and gave very wonderful performances. All the events held on this day were in relation to our state’s culture. We thank each and every person responsible for the success of this event.