“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson

The Independence Day was celebrated from 8th to 11th August 2016 with great respect and enthusiasm at SFS Academy- Kindergarten section. The “ MERA BHARAT MAHAN WEEK” was inaugurated on 8th morning at 9:30am in the school quadrangle with a large crowd of staff and students present, all dressed in saffron, white and green. The Principal- Rev. Fr. Soby Thomas, and Academic director Mrs. Geothi Nair were escorted by the kindergarten teachers to grace the celebration with their presence.

The kindergarten block was vibrant and beautifully decorated by its teachers and students where the spirit of nationalism and independence came alive. An assembly was conducted where children took the sacred oath with pride and exhibited their talents through singing patriotic songs and various Indian languages. A sense of togetherness and hope beamed through this exhibition of innocent minds. The teachers then provided an overview of activities that would take place within the class rooms the following days. On 11th August 2016, a dance program was held by the kindergarten section that marked the peak of Independence Day celebrations. The principal expressed his pride and joy knowing how our country indeed has a very bright future. He conveyed the message of patriotism and independence to all students and encouraged SFS Academy to work together and strive for the enrichment of our country. Children were also seen dressed as freedom fighters and nationalists spreading their new found knowledge about our country’s rich and vibrant history.