On 3rd and 4th March 2017 when one entered the campus of SFS Academy, one could feel the vibrancy and joyful enthusiasm of everyone present there. Outside the auditorium, various students dressed in their ethnic best, set the mood for the celebrations of CARPEDIEM and KIDS FEST 2016-17. The tone of decorations was very festive. The dais outside the building was decorated with colorful flags, flowers and banners, all representing culture and festivities within and outside our borders. The chief guest for the day was Mrs. Ramya Kadambi, a nation renowned Bharthanatyam artist who is well known and loved for her contribution to the genre of performing arts. The Chief Guest was accompanied by the manager of SFS academy- Rev. Fr. Joshy Thazhathukunnel, Finance administrator- Rev. Fr. Tony A J, and the school principal- Rev. Fr. Soby Thomas.

3rd March 2017 witnessed the cultural competitions finale for students of class 1 to 8th grade. The students competed against each other’s house groups namely- The Homi.J.Bhabha House is represented by yellow color, J.C Bose or Red House, Srinivasa Ramanujan House is represented by the color green and Blue color represents APJ Abdul Kalam House. A total of 27 events were held for the students of 1st to 8th grade over a period of 6 months. The cultural program was held throughout the day with group events such as street theatre, group dance and group songs. The overall championship was bagged by green house and runners up were yellow house respectively. Parents, members and management attended the program with great joy and excitement to see their wards perform and display their talents.

On 4th March 2017 evening, the stage was decorated and prepared for the CARPE DIEM KIDS FEST. The chief guest Mrs. Ramya Kadambi, manager Fr. Joshy Thazhathukunnel, finance administrator Fr. Tony A J, principal Fr. Soby Thomas and academic co-ordinator Mrs. Geothi Nair, approached the stage led by the head boy, head girl and the school band. They inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp and the school choir sang a melodious and beautiful prayer song to start the event. The principal gave a wonderful speech about the accomplishments of SFS ACADEMY 2016-17, in his annual report. The chief guest was invited on stage and she provided the students with words of wisdom and encouragement.

The KIDS FEST 2016-17 was conducted with the sole aim of providing the nursery students a platform to nurture their talents and abilities. Their creativity and innocence projected in the wonderful performances the audience experienced this day. Almost all students participated in events such as singing, action songs, dances and drama. Proud parents among the audience were in awe at the sight of this wonderful array of talents of their children and other students of SFS academy. Over all it was a beautiful and colorful display of talents and the performing arts.