The world environment day is one of the greatest annual events which is celebrated on the 5th of June every year, by people all over the world aiming to protect the unique and life nurturing nature.

In the academy
The initiative was taken by the principal, Rev. Fr. Soby Thomas by inaugurating the tree plantation campaign that sought to planting saplings at the SFS Academy campus. This was followed by a brief speech about the slogan- SEVEN BILLION DREAMS, ONE PLANET.

Varieties of activities were planned by the teachers in different classes to encourage the children and bring awareness about the present environmental issues that we are facing today. These activities included drawing, colouring, poster making, slogan writing, tree planting, plastic free campaigns and other sorts of green action activities.

Students were asked to collect the waste from the campus and segregate them into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. As a part of this the teachers indulged in delivering a speech about managing and disposing hazardous waste such as plastics, glass, electronic wastes etc.

The enthusiastic students raised slogans and finally the children dispersed by taking an oath that they will do everything possible and involve themselves in protecting their environment.

   1. Vishaka V prabhu (1. B)
   2. Nagarjuna (1.C )
   3. eerthana .S (1.C)

   1. Atreyee (2.A)
   2. Vaishnavi (2.B)
   3. Stan (2.A)

   1. Kanishka
   2. Hiya
   3. Prajwal.S.M

   1. Keerthi. N. puranik
   2. Snehadas.R
   3. Roshan albert

7th grade
   1. Nandana.C
   2. Harshvardhan.R
   3. Amnon Mathew