The academic year 2014 – 15 began well with an orientation program on 6th July 2014 to the teachers by Mrs. Manjula Devi- Principal of Police Public School, Koramangla as the resource person of the day. She inspired our teachers by her interesting talks and motivated them to be the instruments to impart the gift of knowledge to the students and to form them. The orientation was held so as to make all the faculties clear about the roles they hold as part of the school, as well as the workings of a central board institution. Rules, norms and responsibilities were made clear and all quires from the faculty were addressed.

A classroom management seminar was organized for all SFS Academy teachers on 31st August 2014 with Mrs. Chandrika - Human Resource Manager & trainer, Chennai, as the guest speaker for the day. The seminar intended to alert the teachers on preparation programs to focus on classroom management so that the staff is prepared on day one to head off potential disruptions before it starts. Planning and implementing daily routines, engaging and instructing students, communication and expectations as well as current researches in the field of education were some of the topics addressed.