It is a matter of respect and pride to be a part of this state viz Karnataka. A day dedicated to celebrate its uniqueness and traditions is Kannada Rajyotsava. SFS Academy celebrated this esteemed day on 22nd November 2017. The school was decorated in yellow and red colors symbolizing the state flag and our loyalty towards our state. The teachers organized an enthralling program for all the students and management where they sang the state anthem took an oath to protect, respect, instill responsibility of the state and a dance performance was also organized by the students that spread the joy of being a part of this big happy community. Teachers indulged in spreading wisdom through thoughts in the kannada language and a speech focusing on the unique personalities and various places of heritage that never fail to amuse us and make us proud. This speech also reminded everyone of the love we have towards our state. The assembly then ended with the recitation of the national anthem and beamed with the joyful faces of all members of SFS Academy.