In this time and day it is very rare that we’d see children who are interested to go out and enjoy the outdoors rather than watching television, play video games or use phone apps. Parents and teachers couldn’t agree more. Keeping this rise in technological dependence in mind, SFS Academy organizes a “Nature walk” for all kindergarteners as part of their annual activities each year. On 28th September 2018, the Pre- Nursery students were taken on a campus tour and nature walk in order to encourage them to feel and sense all elements of nature. The students were asked to describe all they see, its uses and their role in the environment, enriching them with information and enhancing their love towards nature. At SFS Academy we believe in being one with nature and this feeling needs to be instilled in our students from a young age. Therefore by exposing them to the innumerable possibilities in nature we aim at heightening their connection with mother earth. Studies show that nature stimulates peaceful and nurturing behavior in children. They enhance the senses and builds calmness in students. The kindergarteners were encouraged to touch, smell and hear what they see outdoors and make conversations with their teachers and peers. Students had great fun and the change in their regular schedule really paid off as they came back to their classes refreshed and rejuvenated!