SFS Academy Kindergarten is marching towards an extra mile with a bright smile in the momentous task of moulding young minds .Our school, SFS Academy is a hub of all the activities and a place where we learn a whole gamut of subjects and a whole lot of values.

Desafio- Annual Day Celebration (Kindergarten) 2018-19 on February 2nd 2019 with a theme Sapta Vismaya, a Sanskrit term for seven wonders. The theme symbolises the great places that house the Sapta Vismayas of our world.

At 5:30 pm the guests were escorted by our kindergarten school band along with head boy, head girl, cabinet leaders and flower girls. The programme started off with an invocation dance followed by a welcome speech. The panel of dignitaries consisted of the Chief Guest Mr.Ashok Mirji, KAS. Guest of Honour, Mr Singannavar, KAS. Special Guest Mrs Anjum Hateez, KAS. Principal Rev Fr P M Lawrence and Rev Fathers of Mermier Bhavan Community.

The formal programme started with lighting of the lamp followed by the inaugural address. Prizes and certificates were distributed to proficiency winners from KG to 10. Our school principal felicitated the guests on the dais and this was followed by the annual report of the school in the domain of academic achievements and cultural programme.

The main highlight of the annual day programme were the little ones conducting the entire programme themselves with enthusiasm and confidence. The theme was presented meticulously by students of pre-KG, KG and UKG.

The students projected various cultures in the form of a skit where in, they depicted the beauty of each wonder. The audience were introduced to the concept through Aladdin Lamp, which fulfils the children’s wishes to visit each wonder and showcase their tradition and culture through dazzling display of dances with colourful props and perfect steps to the tune and rhythm of song and kept the audience glued to the stage.

Parents were eagerly awaiting for the revelation of the 8th wonder at the end of the programme students presented the 8th wonder through prop and as a part of the final performance which showed children as the 8th wonder. The entire school participated whole heartedly towards the success of this grand event.