CARPE DIEM, a Latin term for “seize the day” signifies living in the present and making the most of the situations or opportunities we face in our day to day lives. It embodies the ideas, talents and feelings of all our kindergarteners. Carpe diem is a concept of pulsating and appreciating the imaginative instincts and acts of the brilliant and talented students of kindergarten bringing out their hidden aptitude. This cultural fest brings to reality the imagination and manifests all the latent wishes and ideas of the blooming, multitalented, growing individuals of our campus.

17th November 2018 marked a day of cultural pride and joy, to think how far-flung we have come and how afar we have to go as members of our institution. This cultural and literary fest took place over a period of 4 weeks, where teachers organised and selected gifted students to exhibit and display their talents by means of a variety of competitions. The fest was graced by Rev. Fr. P M. Lawrence, principal of SFS Academy and the greatest support and strength behind all events organised in the institution. Rev. Fr. Binu Edathuparambil was invited for the prize distribution ceremony as the chief guest. He inspired all students and parents to encourage and pursue the strengths and talents of their wards. He also mentioned how proud the school is to be able to be associated with active and participative parents and students especially in the kindergarten sections. Kindergarteners participated in various events such as Young Architect, Memory Game, Rhyme Recitation, Solo Dance, Solo Singing, Fancy Dress, Handwriting competition and many more interesting and fun filled activities. An entire day was dedicated towards the colourful and innocent children who never fail to awe us and give us immense hope for the future.