Azionare 2018-19 was organised with great pomp and vigour as the new cabinet was all ready to take the responsibility and show case their leadership abilities to their teachers and their fellow mates. The auditions for the leadership posts began two weeks in advance where many aspiring leaders showcased their talents, gave speeches and answered the questions of the principal and their teachers as to why should be elected to be leader. After much debate and consideration the final cabinet was decided and introduced to the school during the ceremony.

The chief guest of the ceremony was Lt. Col. S.B. Chhetri, NCC Officer, Bangalore. He gave a very inspiring talk on the importance of becoming a leader and the value of an NCC Officer, followed by an enticing dance by the high school students. The principal and the chief guest honoured the leaders with their sashes and badges, and the cabinet then took an Oath of Allegiance. The program ended with the national anthem.