Yoga at a young age encourages self-esteem, body awareness and focuses on physical activity that is non- competitive and non-intrusive. With growing ailments, stressors and mental health deterioration, SFS Academy makes it a point that our students are well equipped to deal and tackle future difficulties at an early stage. With this thought in mind, a common assembly was organized by the kindergarten section on 20th June (INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY). A day apt to celebrate our Indian culture and history through one of the most sought after practices yoga. The assembly was held in the Basket Ball ground and was graced by our principal Rev. Fr P M Lawrence and the KG co-ordinator Mrs Debjani Sengupta .

Lower and upper kindergarten students assembled with great zeal and enthusiasm to know more and take part in this International Yoga Day celebration. Young children sang a prayer song and gave a wonderful welcome speech. This was followed by the school pledge and thought for the day. Our teachers left no stone unturned in explaining the importance of yoga and how it plays a main note in the holistic growth and in spreading peace within us as well as outside. Children performed various asanas such as Shukhasana, Pranayama, Baddha Konasana, Vajrasana and Adhomukha Vajrasana, instructed by our teachers. The grand assembly ended with the vote of thanks and the national anthem. Overall, it was a day of learning, spreading peace and self fulfilment.