Health & Wellness Clubs

Health club accommodates all students of the academy in the participation to overall enrichment of the students. The hygiene committee, school nurse and school counselor are the facilitators of the club. The major focus is to ensure holistic wellbeing, provide and make aware of all the medical and mental health facilities provided by the school health club conducts and celebrates international events such as world heart day, nutrition week, mental health week etc. This club is also in charge of the annual medical check-up of each student.

The mission of our health and wellness club is to support student wellness and learning through educational and health promotion services that help students create healthy lifestyles. Student Health & Wellness members of SFS Academy are known as – HEALTH NINJAS-. These students will provide health workshops or presentations on a large variety of health topics.

The club will be catering to areas such as:

Stress management
Alcohol and drug use
Sexual health

Health and wellness club will provide group workshops and interventions aimed at creating a healthy campus community for all students. There will be movie screening and tours to health care centers and wellness facilities. Health ninjas will also be involved in regular physical activities and workshops such as

Fitness Equipment Demonstrations
Taking Strides
Staying Physically Active
Fitness Assessments
Resistance Training Techniques
Starting a Walk/Run Club