"Fit India Movement” was launched by the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 29th August 2019, on the occasion of National Sports Day. So as to take this mission forward, CBSE has decided that each year second and third week in November, will be celebrated as “Fitness Week”, The aim is to develop sports quotient among all the students to achieve a healthy lifestyle. On behalf of Fit India Movement, SFS Academy celebrated “Fitness Week” from 19-11-2019 to 25-11-2019.

Day 1: We have conducted ‘Mass Yoga’ where in students were informed to get yoga mats for the same. During the morning assembly we have conducted asana’s:- Surya Namaskara, Padmasana, Eka Padmasana , Bhujangasana, etc. Students were also informed to get fruits and vegetables as a part of fitness and nutrition day. And salad was prepared in snacks break by the respective class teachers.

Day 2: During the morning assembly free hand exercises were conducted for all the students in order to stay fit and a short lecture was given by Mr. Gopinath about “Mental Fitness Activities” to all students and staff.

Day 3: Fitness Assessment of students through “Khelo India App” is being done poster making competition for all the students was conducted in their respective classes on the theme “Fit Body- Fit Mind- Fit Environment”.

Day 4: Physical activities for all students were conducted based on their physical ability. Such as Taekwondo, dance, skating etc. In the afternoon, essay competition was conducted for all the students on the theme “Fit India School”.

Day 5: Sports Quiz was conducted in their respective classes for all the students.

Day 6: Students, Parents and Teachers participated in traditional sports such as Kabaddi, Lagori, Gili-Danda in order to explore the history and interesting facts of the indigenous games from partner states.