Functional English Coaching & Language Lab
We, at SFS academy, lay a great stress on the English speaking skills of our students. So, regular communicative English training classes are being provided by the professionals from the field of IELTS training.

Karadi Path-English Language Learning
We, at SFS academy believe that during the early years of education, a good foundation in English helps students understand and master other subjects early. Therefore focusing on language development from PRE- Nursery we have introduced Karadi Path-English language learning program that allows greater access to the huge treasure of information and knowledge available through books, internet, customized and shared audio and video tools. English proficiency paves the way for greater opportunities. Karadi Path methodology is an indigenously developed language learning process that is revolutionizing the way language proficiency is achieved in schools.

NIIT nguru
SFS academy has a well- established NIIT nguru Math lab. It is a unique technology enabled learning solution that has been designed to take teaching and learning mathematics to the next level. Pedagogically appropriate activities are designed as per age group based on the NCERT syllabus. It facilitates students to learn, verify and explore mathematical concepts, facts and theorems.

Leapstart-Premier Physical Education Programme
The Leapstart sports specialization programme is offered to the students between 1st to 8th grade who wish to pursue and attain a higher level of sporting excellence. It is designed to deliver the highest level of learning of a sport to the participants of the programme. We use the latest training methodologies from across the world, which are designed to help students hone their skills in a structured manner. Some of the specializations offered are athletics, basketball, cricket, football and tennis.